Testbed for IoT-based Privacy-Preserving PERvasive Spaces


Protecting individuals privacy using wearable technology

A Semantic Context-Aware Privacy Model for FaceBlock

Wearable computing devices like Google Glass are at the forefront of technological evolution in smart devices. The ubiquitous and oblivious nature of photography using these devices has made people concerned about their privacy in private and public …

Semantics for Privacy and Shared Context

Capturing, maintaining, and using context information helps mobile applications provide better services and generates data useful in specifying information sharing policies. Obtaining the full benefit of context information requires a rich and …

Demo: FaceBlock: privacy-aware pictures for google glass

FaceBlock takes regular pictures taken by your smartphone or Google Glass as input and converts it into privacy-aware pictures. This output is generated by using a combination of Face Detection and Face Recognition algorithms. By using FaceBlock, a …