Understanding GDPR and it's impact on Data Management Systems

Last quarter, I put together a short presentation on the paper “Understanding and Benchmarking the Impact of GDPR on Database Systems” authored by Supreeth Shastri, Vinay Banakar, Melissa Wasserman, Arun Kumar, and Vijay Chidambaram and presented at VLDB 2020.

Designing privacy preserving data sharing middleware for internet of things

The rise of low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) sensing and communication capabilities has given rise to a range of new smart services that rely on heterogeneous data from devices embedded in our everyday lives. The provision of such IoT services …

Sieve: A Middleware Approach to Scalable Access Control for Database Management Systems

Current approaches for enforcing Fine Grained Access Control (FGAC) in DBMS do not scale to scenarios when the number of access control policies are in the order of thousands. This paper identifies such a use case in the context of emerging smart …


Privacy Enhanced Internet of Things

Sieve: A Middleware Approach to Scalable Access Control for Database Management Systems

The middleware implementation of Sieve (with connectors for both MySQL and PostgreSQL) and datasets are available at Github. You can also watch the 10 minute virtual presentation of Sieve from VLDB 2020 below.

SemIoTic: Bridging the Semantic Gap in IoT Spaces

This demonstration showcases the SemIoTic middleware which provides inhabitants of an IoT space, as well as developers of applications, with a semantic view of the space. Participants will have an opportunity to see how useful IoT applications can be …

Towards Privacy-Aware Smart Buildings: Capturing, Communicating, and Enforcing Privacy Policies and Preferences

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we interact with our environment in domains as diverse as health, transportation, office buildings and our homes. In smart building environments, information captured about the building and its …


Testbed for IoT-based Privacy-Preserving PERvasive Spaces


Protecting individuals privacy using wearable technology

A Semantic Context-Aware Privacy Model for FaceBlock

Wearable computing devices like Google Glass are at the forefront of technological evolution in smart devices. The ubiquitous and oblivious nature of photography using these devices has made people concerned about their privacy in private and public …