CORGI: An interactive framework for Customizable and Robust Location Obfuscation


Location obfuscation functions generated by existing systems for ensuring location privacy tend to be monolithic and do not allow end users to customize their obfuscation range. In this demo, we present a new framework called, CORGI, i.e., CustOmizable Robust Geo Indistinguishability. The demonstration platform is a web application which is built on top on a real world dataset (Gowalla) which simulates users’ location and their customization preferences. The user-friendly interface of the demo platform allows demo participants to easily customize the location obfuscation function easily. They can also examine the interaction between the 3 key dimensions of location obfuscation: privacy, utility, and customizability; visualized on a map for two approaches: CORGI and a baseline.

IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE)