My name has been misprounced in so many different ways. I used to find it annoying in the past but now I find it amusing it enough to keep track of the different versions here. I completely understand why people struggle with it. It is not a common name in my country (India) or where I currently live (US). The correct pronounciation only really makes sense in my native language (Malayalam).

The correct pronounciation is Pree(as in Free with a P)-mel(as in Caramel without the Cara 😅). You can call me Pree if that is easier.

  1. Parimal
  2. Primel
  3. Perumaal (one of my favorites)
  4. Pree-maal (If you speak hindi, you might find the second part of my name amusing)

I am not putting down /ˈprīməl/ (think Primal Rage) as a wrong pronounciation because they saw all the letters and are saying it the way they have seen those set of letters being pronounced before.