[Oct 2022] I will be co-organizing Private, Secure, and Trustworthy IoT Data Management Workshop (ASTRIDE) at ICDE 2023.

[Aug 2022] I am the instructor for IST 140: Introduction to Application Programming in Fall 2022.

[Aug 2022] I will be serving on the program committees of ICDE 2023, FATEsys @ SenSys/BuildSys 2022, INTOP @ ACM SAC 2023

[Jun 2022] Awarded VLDB travel grant for travelling to Sydney and present at VLDB 2022.

[May 2022] New paper on Preventing Leakages through Data Dependencies on Access Control accepted at VLDB 2022.

[Mar 2022] Conversation Article on “How Internet of Things can violate your privacy.".

[Mar 2022] Invited talk in Prof. Yus’s Data Privacy class on Sieve.

[Nov 2021] Awarded a seed grant ($15,000) by the Center for Security Research and Education (CSRE) at Penn State.

[Jul 2021] Defended my Ph.D. thesis on Fine Grained Access Control Policies in Data Management Systems for Internet of Things Applications.