My name is Primal (pronounced as Pree-mahl) and I go by Pree too. I am a PhD student researching data management and privacy. I am part of the Information Systems Group at UC Irvine. In the past, I was a Master student at UM Baltimore County and a member of the ebiquity group. I grew up in Kerala, which is a state in the south of India and went to GEC Thrissur for my undergrad.

Here are some other facets of my online/offline life

  • I like to read books and keep track of most books that I have read on Goodreads

  • I enjoy being out in nature and taking quiet long walks and hikes. I track some of my hikes on AllTrails.

  • I have been a long time Twitter lurker. I used to tweet once upon a time but now I am tweet shy and rarely do it.

  • I like to watch movies and review them on Letterboxd.

  • I enjoy Latin dancing and enjoy social dancing events (more accurately used to enjoy in pre-pandemic times).

  • I like writing for myself a.k.a journalling and occassionally writing for others.

  • I practice Yoga almost everyday by following by virtual yoga teacher Adriene.

  • I dislike Facebook with passion and have disabled my account on it. I may activate it again in the future if social circumstances force me to do so. But for now, I am staying away.

If you want to get in touch with me, the best way to do so is through email.